The Franklin Effect

I have discovered an interesting phenomenon.  when asked, most health care professionals state they have a desire to have something important named after them.  I have named this, “The Franklin Effect.”  It is quite prevalent.  I had been in the process of claiming the secondary name for a Mobitz II arrhythmia, with Wenkebach having claimed the Mobitz I.  What I found was that many others had also lobbied for the naming rights.  It turns out, many had even offered up money.  Let’s just say that it was too rich for my pocketbook, but it gave me the idea that apparently I wasn’t the first to try to get so cheaply recognized for something I had nothing to do with.  It was this idea that led me to the work that ultimately revealed that the Franklin Effect is quite real and quite prevalent amongst many whom have never discovered anything important.

I have now also decided to name my short educational videos after this.  I will be launching periodical (period defined by how much free time I have) videos on core content and special topics and posting them under the Franklin Effect title.  I felt it important to remind you all of what the Franklin Effect actually is.

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